What Makes a Good Tip? Crime Stoppers Reveals Key Details to Include

A great tip is all about the details! When submitting a tip, please avoid providing your name or contact information to remain anonymous. Do not attempt to investigate a crime on your own, as it’s best to leave it to the investigative team. Once submitted, your tip will be forwarded to the proper investigative agencies.

To provide a strong tip, focus on answering these key questions:

  • Who is involved? Do you have any identifying details such as names, nicknames, or physical features?
  • Where did the crime occur? Include the location, nearest cross streets, or specific address.
  • When did the crime occur? Include the date and time.
  • What type of crime are you reporting? Provide as many details as possible, including what you saw or heard.

Please note that we are unable to call you back to gather additional details as we do not have access to your contact information. Therefore, please provide as many details as possible in your initial tip. Even the smallest detail can be crucial to solving a crime. You can also upload photos, videos, and audio files online, which can be extremely helpful in making an arrest.

Please do not hesitate to submit a tip if you are unsure of all the details surrounding the crime. We encourage you to provide any information you have, and our team will work to piece together the full story.

It’s important to understand that by providing information to Crime Stoppers, you are providing an important public service. We take measures to protect your anonymity, but it may be challenged in certain situations. This includes making a call with the intent of furthering criminal activity, framing an innocent person, or if disclosing some or all of the tip is necessary to establish someone’s innocence.

Please visit the Canadian Crime Stoppers website for more information on these principles, and thank you for helping to fight crime and promote public safety.