Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry

What is the MNRF?

The MNRF is the ministry protecting Ontario’s biodiversity while promoting economic opportunities in the resource sector and supporting outdoor recreation opportunities.

Every year, a number of natural resource violation cases go unsolved. They can be difficult to solve because they happen in remote areas where there are few eyewitnesses. The MNRF relies on tips from the public, physical evidence and community support to help solve these cases.

What they do

  • Sustainably manage Ontario’s fish and wildlife resources
  • Lead the management of Ontario’s Crown lands, water, oil, gas, salt and aggregates resources, including making Crown land available for renewable energy projects
  • Ensure the sustainable management of Ontario’s Crown forests
  • Protect people, property and communities from forest fires, floods and droughts
  • Develop and apply geographic information to help manage the province’s natural resources

Common Violations

  • Poaching large and small game
  • Unlawful night hunting or shooting from a roadway
  • Fishing or hunting out-of-season
  • The illegal sale of species at risk, wildlife or animal parts
  • Taking more fish or game than allowed
  • Dumping waste on Crown land
  • Illegally removing sand, gravel or wood from public lands
  • Having fires in restricted fire zones or without a permit
  • Illegal activities in provincial parks and protected areas

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