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About Us — Renfrew County Crime Stoppers

What is Crime Stoppers?

  • A not-for-profit community-based charity that brings together the cooperative efforts of the police, the media and the community in the fight against crime.
  • Financed through personal and corporate donations.
  • Encourages the public to submit tips on crimes that have been committed, are being committed or are about to be committed.
  • Pays up to $2000 per successful arrest.
  • Will NOT ask for your name or ask that you appear in court.

Our History

Crime Stoppers began on Sept. 8th 1976 in Albuquerque New Mexico, following the senseless murder of a young university student. After 6 weeks of investigation without success, a local Canadian born detective named Greg MacAleese appealed to the public for information.

Greg and a local TV station made a re-enactment of the murder and asked for anyone with information to call him. Greg guaranteed anonymity and offered a cash reward. Within 3 hours of the broadcast the detective received his first call with information. Within 72 hours two individuals were arrested and the case was cleared!

Cash Reward Program

Crime Stoppers is a partnership of the public, the police, and the media, which provides the community with a proactive program for people to assist the police in solving crime, earn a cash reward for information& remain forever anonymous.

Qualifications Of A Successful Tip

A tip must:

  • Lead to a charge
  • Lead to an arrest
  • Lead to recovery of stolen property or illicit drugs
  • Warrant denial of an insurance claim

Local Programs

Crime Stoppers is active throughout the greater Ottawa Valley assisting our seniors’ population, fighting crime through education and prevention.
Police officers and community coordinators work in the schools and meet with our student populations, building bridges and sharing information.

In March, 2007 the Ontario provincial government announced the creation to a $10 million fund, assisting Crime Stoppers and dedicated police agencies in the fight against child pornography.

January Is Crime Stoppers Month

A time to solidify partners’ support, garner governance commitment and importantly, assure the public of our [collective] success; working together to stop predators, child pornography and internet luring.

Crime Stoppers Works!

Click the titles to view our amazing statistics…

Renfrew County Stats

  • Arrests Made — 587
  • Cases Cleared —1154
  • Rewards Paid — $74,755
  • Property Recovered — $963,658
  • Drugs Seized — $12,339,064
  • Total $ Recovered — $13,377,477

…as of Jan 2015

Ontario Stats

  • Arrests Made — 80,799
  • Cases Cleared — 122,805
  • Rewards Paid — $7,293,031
  • Property Recovered — $293,832,759
  • Drugs Seized — $1,517,804,004
  • Total $ Recovered — $1,811,636,763

…as of 01 Nov 2011

World Wide Stats

  • Arrests Made —901,341
  • Cases Cleared — 1,370,673
  • Rewards Paid — $101,706,288
  • Property Recovered — $2,192,538,479
  • Drugs Seized — $8,120,737,551
  • Total $ Recovered — $10,313,276,030

…as of 02 Jan 2012


How To Take Action

A simple phone call…
When a “Tipster” calls either the 24-hour toll-free or local telephone number, an operator will collect as much information as possible about the crime being reported. Most times, this is the one & only chance to get as much information as possible and the operator is trained to assist, while gathering important details. Each caller is treated with respect and assured total anonymity. The operator will never ask for the caller’s name or any identity information.

Crime Stoppers does not have Caller ID.
At the end of the call, the tipster is given a secret code number and asked to call back in a few weeks. This allows time for the police investigators to do their job. Later, when the caller repeats the secret code number the operator will tell the amount of the cash reward and how to get the cash reward from one of the secret locations conveniently scattered throughout the Ottawa Valley.

Online submissions are easy too
When the tipster has completed the Crime Stoppers online form and presses SUBMIT, he or she will be able to see a secret code number that must be used for future inquiries about the cash reward. The form is actually submitted directly to an independent third-party, not to any police or Crime Stoppers organization. Crime Stoppers is sent the tip only after the secure servers have automatically stripped (removed) all Internet ISP and traceable pathway data.

Claim your cash reward
After an arrest and/or charges, the tipster is eligible for a cash reward of up to $2000.00. Crime Stoppers is the only organization that quickly pays a cash reward when charges are laid and does not base cash rewards upon convictions. Each month the local Board of Directors of Crime Stoppers meets to discuss the current tips and charges. Each tip is fully reviewed and the amount of the cash reward is determined based upon the seriousness of the crime and the value of the tip. While there are cash reward guidelines, the Board of Directors may award larger cash rewards based upon the tip’s accuracy, severity of the crime, the number of charges laid or persons arrested and importantly, fairness to the tipster.

Follow Up!
As stated, it is the caller’s responsibility to contact Crime Stoppers after the monthly meeting of the Board of Directors to find out how much the cash reward is and how to get it, secretly and anonymously.We have absolutely no way to contact the tipster.Crime Stoppers are interested in all serious crimes, including assault, battery, homicides, missing persons, robbery, burglary, break and enter, arson, theft, damage to property, wildlife poaching, illegal hunting, cruelty to animals, illegal drugs, drug trafficking and crimes against children; internet, luring and pornography.


All donations go toward the operation of the Crime Stoppers program, which includes the payment of rewards for successful tips, promotional material, board development and community events.

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